Literacy Programme  German language and culture (Integrationskurs)

 German language and culture (Integrationskurs)

Quite an amount of people among Germans as well as among immigrants cannot read and write sufficiently. Many of them must overcome another obstacle: they not only have to learn to speak German but also to read and write in the Latin alphabet. Our literacy programme helps them master that challenge. The course consists of two parts: language acquisition and German culture, history, and politics.


900 units à 45 minutes or 1200 units (900 + 300 if needed)

Admission requirements

Candidates will take an assessment test to determine their need for a literacy programme as well as their personal goals.

Starting dates

21.03.2022 Duisburg
28.03.2022 Dortmund
11.04.2022 Duisburg
23.05.2022 Dortmund
01.12.2022 Düsseldorf


Acquire a basic knowledge of the Latin alphabet
Acquire a basic knowledge of spoken and written German
Learn how to study and learn
Improve existing language knowledge
Thorough Preparation for the final exam

Final exam: Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer (DTZ)

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