Re-training as Office Management Assistant

Job-related further training

Office management assistants deal with the organisation and administration of commercial activities. They handle correspondence, prepare presentations, order office supplies, supervise appointments and deadlines, prepare meetings and book business trips. They also help with staff deployment and recruit external services. They look after customers, support order history, calculate and send invoices, check incoming payments. In public service they help members of the public with their enquiries and filling of applications, check jurisdictions, and assist with budgeting.


91 weeks (21 months)

2184 units à 45 minutes

at least 920 hours à 60 minutes on-the-job training

42 days leave
(2 days per month)

Admission requirements

Certificate Deutsch B2 (GER)
Readiness to use alternative learning methods
“Bildungsgutschein” (BGS) (funding by Agentur für Arbeit)

Starting dates

10.10.2022 (Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Bochum, Moers, Kleve)


Learn how to study and learn
Basics of data processing
Successfully apply for a job
Business English (level B1)
Business correspondence in German
Commercial calculation
Social studies
Office administration
Management and controlling
Business processes
On-the-job training (2 x 3 months)

Classes will be held online. You will learn important skills in video conference, IP telephony, instant messaging, data transfer, and screen sharing.

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