Social Coaching Work in Germany

Access to vocational training and job market

This special coaching will empower you to find a job or a suitable vocational training in Germany. Other than classic job coaching, this programme also enables you to overcome personal difficulties and find stability. We also support you in developing a positive attitude towards learning and work situations by helping you evolve key skills and encourage you to discover job opportunities.


13 weeks (= 3 months)
84 units max. à 45 minutes twice a week


Admission requirements

Please consult with your Agentur für Arbeit and apply for an "Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsschein (AVGS)".

Starting dates


Talk with us about your individual starting date.


Analyse your potential
Learn how to successfully apply for a job
Create or improve your CV
Learn how to use the JOBBÖRSE (job site of the Agentur für Arbeit for applicants)
Increase your motivation
Improve your job mobility and flexibility
Recognise and set up useful networks
Learn key skills
Recognise and develop your soft skills
Cope with daily routines and with your personal life
Learn self-management
Live in a healthy way

We also offer to accompany you to your appointments with public authorities.

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